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Lillipad Toilet Squatting Platform

For a natural squat toilet posture — the healthy way we evolved to go!

Achieve optimum bowel and bladder elimination using the natural squatting position.


Infants instinctively squat to poop and urinate, as do the majority of the world's population.

Sitting restricts the lower rectum forcing us to strain, squatting opens this canal allowing waste to flow.

The effective removal of excrement from the colon is vital better out than in! For a good gut feeling use a Lillipad.


The Lillipad makes your toilet more usable for yourself, your family, and your guests.


The Lillipad supports a true squat position for optimum bowel and bladder elimination.


The rim of the toilet can be used in conjunction with the Lillipad to raise the heels slightly, supporting an easy, narrower, squat.


The step on the Lillipad provides access for children, and assists a beneficial squat-like posture for less flexible people. Perfect for those who are new to squatting and wish to graduate to a full squat.


When in position the toilet can still be used in the sitting posture. The Lillipad encourages healthy and hygienic squatting.


The separate Lillipad Step provides access for children, and assists a beneficial squat-like posture for people unable to squat.

Sitting with your feet on the step is squat-like but it is not true squatting, judge for yourself from the photos. Squatting is a graceful yoga pose achievable without props. A recent 2010 Japanese medical study, titled “Influence of body position on defecation” concluded, “The greater the hip flexion achieved by squatting the straighter the recto-anal canal will be, and accordingly, less strain will be required for defecation.”

Watch this 30 second video to see how to get on and off the Lillipad.


The Lillipad Squatting Platform is available in tall, short, and adjustable height options. The adjustable Lillipad (above) has additional feet allowing it to change between the tall and short height settings. The plywood feet store conveniently out of sight under the footpads when not in use.

The footpads on all models can be adjusted side to side to ensure a good fit. For comfort they slope slightly forward, and tilt slightly towards each other.


The tall Lillipad is 381 mm (15 in.) high, the short Lillipad is 323 mm (12 ¾ in.) high, and the Lillipad Step is 203 mm (8 in.) high.

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We also offer plans to build–your–own squatting platform for just US$7 (customise your squatting position).
Available on the ‘D.I.Y. Plans’ page.

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The Lillipad Step is stable, strong and easy to clean. It also provides a step up to the hand basin for kids.

All the Lillipads are proudly made in New Zealand using ethical labour practices and local, sustainably grown timber.

Find more information in the drop down tab ‘About the Lillipad’.

The Lillipad Squatting Platform was conceived in 1991 after adapting to squat toilets traveling in Asia.

Producing something beneficial motivates us, as does wonderful customer feedback, and a certainty that squatting is the way to go!

Of the few platforms offered, I think yours is the most pleasing to look at and also the most practical. It's working out real well. No more bothersome hemorrhoids!
E.S, (California)
The Lillipad is a huge success at our place! I wanted to provide some feedback for you because your service and product deserve some real praise.
Daniel, (Australia)
And most of all, thanks for your product which has saved me from so much pain!
Simon, (UK)

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Squat toilets are also known as Arabic, Chinese, French, hole in the ground, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Korean, natural-position, Nile pan, squatty potty, and Turkish toilets.

* For all of you who thought Lillipad was spelled Lilypad, Lillypad, Lily Pad, or Lilipad ... good on you for finding us!


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